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Thursday, May 17, 2012


Well another month has flown by.  And I would probably hardly recognize our boy from just a few months ago.  He's now talking a lot, and he understands almost everything we tell him in either English or Spanish.  He has gotten a lot better at counting, and knows 23 letters on a good day.  He enjoys jumping, but still has a hard time with his tricycle.  Here are a few recent highlights:

Video of Michael helping crank out some homemade ice cream.

Video of Michael trying a concentration game for the first time.  He also decided to display his counting skills at the same time.  In the week since this video, he's mastered counting to ten in both languages even better.

Posing proudly by the corn he planted.

Epilepsy Foundation stroll at the zoo.

Working hard for a living.

Kemah crawfish festival.  His first taste of crawfish, and he refused it.  It was a little heartbreaking, but then a couple weeks later at our crawfish boil, he ate them up!  :)

A birthday party at a spacewalk facility.  All sorts of fun to be had, and he wasn't scared at all to go down the big slides by himself.

Another party the same day... and more spacewalk time with his friend Luke!

Grampa came to babysit one night, which was such a treat for me and Amada.  Everything went great, but when we went to check up on Michael after Grampa left, this is what we saw.  Note to Grampa: we usually lay him length-wise on the bed!

Painting his new room!  I had to do a little bit of touch up work after Michael was finished.

Crawfish boil at our home!  Here he came inside to show off holding a live crawfish for the first time.

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