Amada and I will try to post updates and pictures of our precious little boy!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Daycare and Crawling

Miguelito started going to daycare last week. He seems to have a really good time there and the "teachers" love him, but it wasn't easy on us. At least we can watch him via 2 web cams while he's there, and they're pretty good about keeping his same eating and sleeping schedules. But they do change his diaper about 3x as often as we do. Lookout diaper bill! He likes to watch all of the other kids crawling and walking around him.

And just two days after starting daycare, he began crawling! He's not fully on all fours quite yet, but he sure can get from point A to B quickly when he wants to. We try to entice him to crawl with his toys, but the things that really make him go: laptop wires, papers laying around, any sort of plastic and tv items. Check out the video of his first day crawling.

Here's another picture of him enjoying his food.

A fun day at home:

Finally, a video of him laughing while eating.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Solids, Here I Come!!

For the very first time, Miguelito ate solid food. He devoured some Rice Cereal yesterday at around 7:00 p.m. He was definitely ready for more than just liquid. The first day I put a little bit too much milk, so today (2nd day) I put a little less and it was the right consistency. He still ate it up no matter what. Watch for yourselves as he even tries to eat the food from his bib!

Also, here's just a cute little video of Miguelito playing and laughing.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Busy Baby Boy

Miguelito has been up to a lot this past Summer and I'm way overdue on the updates.

It starts off with having family over and going to the Houston Zoo. Our nephew, Alfonsito, had been wanting to go to the zoo so when they had a chance to come, they did and he enjoyed it very much. The only thing was that it was way too hot and so we went through every shade possible. Even in the end, we sneaked into the nice air conditioned gift shop while waiting on everyone else to catch up to us :)

In July, Miguelito's Godmother, Karen, came for a visit with his cousins, Molly and Nathan. We all went to the Children's Museum and had fun with the water and up in the Toddler room. Miguelito had fun playing with his cousins and grandparents.

Later that week, we drove to New Orleans to celebrate his great grandmother's, Grandma PiliƩ's, 90th Birthday.

Recently, Miguelito started drinking water from a straw!! It was so cute. Since he likes drinking water from my glass, I decided I would get him his own cup and he drank from it right away. He moves around like no other and he's even trying to get things that aren't for him like cords from the laptop, and things on the bottom of the coffee table. I can't believe we already have to start baby proofing the house.

Abby, Thomas and Janelle's doggy, came over and Miguelito got some big wet kisses from her and a huge sneeze on his face! Both times he just looked stunned but did not cry or fuss.
Soon he will be going to Daycare (Monday, August 16th) :(
We'll see how he does and how I'll do without my precious baby boy.