Amada and I will try to post updates and pictures of our precious little boy!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Lost in Translation

I just want to let everyone know what I am saying on the videos when I'm talking to Miguelito :)

I am trying really hard to only speak to him in Spanish so that he will be able to be bilingual. In my culture, when we speak to babies, we call them "mamas" (baby girls) and "papas" (baby boys) as terms of endearment for some reason. I don't really know why but that's what I know and what I always heard and so now I do it and it just comes out naturally.

So when you hear "papa", "papito", "papitos", or "papis", I am not saying "puppies" or "puppy dog" like it may sound if you're not used to hearing those particular words in Spanish.

If you have any questions on any other terms or words I say that you want clarified just post a comment on the blog or e-mail me and I'll be happy to translate.

Monday, July 5, 2010

My Daddy's An Ironman

I just came back from my first family vacation, and I had so much fun! My Mommy and Daddy took me to Idaho (wherever that is). Gigi and Grampa came too as well as Aunt Karen and Uncle Jeff. My Daddy raced in the Coeur d'Alene Ironman and he did so well!! He said that the bike hills were tough and that he walked a lot on the run, but he looked great every time we saw him. We were out there cheering for him the entire 13 hours! Everybody took turns caring for me and I couldn't go to sleep at my usual time because of all of the excitement; plus I wanted to see Daddy finish. I wore a special shirt because I was so proud of him, and the rest of my family also wore shirts to support him -- I think it really helped him through the tough spots.

Getting ready for the race was fun too. We made signs for the race and I gave my first interview. Whatever I said, everybody was sure eating it up! And that mic tasted really good too.

Here are some pictures from some short training done two days before the race. I wanted to join in the fun, but the water was too cold for my liking. Where I come from, it's always nice and warm.

I also rolled from my back to my tummy for the first time in CDA. When my Mommy saw me on my tummy at 4am the first morning she got really worried and ran over to me as quick as possible and picked me up. I was just fine though. And now that I've learned this trick, I do it all the time!

After five nights in that beautiful city, we traveled to Vancouver. I had my very own passport. You should see the picture sometime; even though it was taken when I was just weeks old, the document is good until my 5th birthday which seems so far away. We stayed at a nice B&B and I slept in a tent each night next to my parents' bed. I love camping already!

Vancouver was great and I enjoyed the weather. I finally got to wear the jacket again that I first wore on the way home from the hospital.

We experienced Canada Day on July 1st which seemed like a tame Mardi Gras celebration (so I hear from my parents' stories). My Uncle Jeff was being silly the entire time, and he sure made me laugh at this ice cream parlor. We took a dinner cruise for my first boat ride ever, but my dinner was the same as always... they didn't let me try the salmon. We visited a few wineries and we saw some beautiful gardens, but I slept the entire time for that tour. The 2-hour time zone difference and all of the traveling was tough on my schedule so I was happy to nap when I got the chance.

After 3 nights in Canada, we drove back to the US and spent one night in Seattle. It was drizzling so I had on a hooded jacket and was wrapped in a cozy blanket. We saw the Pike Place Market just before it closed. I got to see one fish get thrown and hear some live music. The fish throw happened too quick for any pictures, but here's a little video of the folksy music.

We flew back to Houston the next day and I was really happy to be home again. Vacations are a lot of fun, but I needed some rest! Everybody was impressed I did so well with all of the traveling, and after one flight leg a woman stood up in the row in front of me and was amazed that a baby was behind her for the entire flight. She had no idea. And I got to play frisbee on a road trip stop too... so many firsts! I do miss being cared for by so many people and being held all of the time, but I'm glad that I'm getting to play with my toys again. I can't wait to do it all again!

And here's just a few other pictures I'd like to share from the trip. My extended family took such great care of me!! I hope I didn't stress out my Godmother -- see my Aunt Karen meditating below.

Much love,