Amada and I will try to post updates and pictures of our precious little boy!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Late Summer / Early Fall

It's mid-December now and Michael has done so much lately, but I still haven't shared his pics and videos from the end of the summer! So here they are. Hopefully I'll get to another post before the new year. It was fun for Amada and I to go back and look at these pics and videos; he has changed so much in the past 4 months! He was 17 - 19 months old in these pictures.

During the drought of '11, I had to start watering the lawn. I would often get Michael to play in the sprinkler so I wouldn't feel bad about using so much water. He looks ready to go in the first one!

First day back to school (daycare) once Mami started back at work.

Not sure why he has an oversize shirt on, but the little flashlight was a lot of fun!

Galveston for Labor Day (SUPER windy the first day!)

Family pic.

Lots of great videos!

Spidey shooting his webbing

Climbing at the park playground

Air mattress games!

Standing in the rain

Sunglasses inside

Climbing up Daddy

Bubbles with Mami

Collecting shells with GiGi in Galveston

Cooking with GiGi in Galveston

Batting practice

Taking out the trash


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Been a Long Time

So it's been two and a half months since our last post. We've taken over 50 videos and nearly 250 pictures in that time. I'll share some now and try to get to some of the other ones later.

For a few weeks, Michael was holding his wrists out as if he were Spider Man shooting web. We have no idea where he got this from, but we had to capture it.

He had a great time at the Little Gym for Hannah's birthday. He's been going there once a week for a long time, and he always loves it.

First time eating spaghetti & meatsauce

This toy has grown with him. He went from us pushing him on it, to him walking with it, to riding it and then standing (and dancing) on it.

How cool is Michael

He loves to have everything in order his way.

He loves dogs... maybe he'll get one down the road

A rare occurrence of Michael occupying himself at home

Great pic with Alfonsito

Getting dressed with Daddy in the morning


Children's Museum

Picnic with Mami

Video of Michael standing on his Dinosaur walker

Video of Michael getting into a Little Tikes vehicle

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Michael's 2nd Haircut

It has been a very busy summer, and lots of fun!

Plenty of extended family time.

He has had LOTS of water play this summer.

It looks like Michael just tackled the girls in this one. I like seeing A&M come up on top of t.u.

Michael modeling his jean diapers with Jocelyn never straying far from Michael.

Fun at Discovery Green splash-pad.

We made a trip to Kemah one very hot day.

Michael got his 2nd haircut. We first tried to cut it at home, but he made a trip to the barber shop the next morning to make it look better.

Michael gives kisses while Hannah gives head-butts.

More play time around the house.

Michael now likes the camera and tries to smile when he knows he's getting his picture taken. We love this change. And yes, he's shaving now too. He's grown up so fast!


Michael takes his first video

Jisselle, Jocelyn and Michael do some interpretive dancing to a silly song

Michael enjoys smiling for the camera

The boys at play. After Nathan got a ride on Grampa, it was Michael's turn

Michael enjoyed his first ever amusement ride

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Summer Is Here

Besides the ridiculous heat here in Texas, everything is great in the summer. Amada finished school and has the summer off. That means that Michael had his last day at daycare last Friday. We also get to take care of Michael's two Hawaii cousins, Jisselle and Jocelyn, for a few weeks. So Amada has her hands full, but everybody is having a great time.

This past weekend we went to Zapata for Mama's 100th birthday party! Michael is her great-grandson, but there were some great-great-grandchildren there that are older than Michael. Michael is still very shy when meeting new people, but after a day he warms up very nicely.

Here's a video from 3 weeks ago of Michael doing pushups. Mami did some pushups in the kitchen, and well monkey see monkey do.

Michael is taking swimming lessons one day a week for 30 minutes during the summer. Here on Memorial Day, he took a dip for only his 2nd time ever. Here he's in between blowing bubbles in the water.

One recent morning I changed his diaper, put him on the ground and then went to the trash can to throw the diaper away. I came back to the room and found him like this! How quickly things can happen.

Las primas de Miguelito. His new favorite playmates.

Michael had a play-date with Jackson from daycare.

Family pic. Who's that tall, pale guy who stands out here?

Sidewalk chalk! Apparently when you scoot around, it comes off the concrete onto your shorts. Who knew.

I made some fruit smoothies and thought Michael might like to try it. Did he ever!