Amada and I will try to post updates and pictures of our precious little boy!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Miguelito Takes Requests

A friend requested a video of Miguelito crawling, so here it is! (2:32) He still pulls himself around with his arms instead of getting up on his knees, but I'm trying to teach him the other way this week. We'll see how that works.

Supporting himself two weeks ago:

His first parade:

Brushing his teeth:

He loves to crawl over things, and often goes on the coffee table bottom:

Saturday, September 18, 2010

From crawling to pulling up

Miguelito is trying all of his new "solid" foods and he had been doing fantastic UNTIL we introduced the green veggie...Green Beans! He made the funniest faces but was a trooper through it all and would still open his little mouth to eat them even while making "sour" expressions and shaking his head, haha. He got better by the 4th day of eating them :)
On September 10th, while taking his bath, Miguelito decided to just pull himself up and stand in his tub. Charles and I could not believe what had just happened. He's been doing it ever since wherever he can and we tried getting a video of it but he did not perform for us once the camera was on. We'll try soon and send it so everyone can see his skills. He's a strong little boy...taking after his daddy :)
P.S. He now has three baby teeth (2 bottom, 1 top-yesterday)