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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Late Summer / Early Fall

It's mid-December now and Michael has done so much lately, but I still haven't shared his pics and videos from the end of the summer! So here they are. Hopefully I'll get to another post before the new year. It was fun for Amada and I to go back and look at these pics and videos; he has changed so much in the past 4 months! He was 17 - 19 months old in these pictures.

During the drought of '11, I had to start watering the lawn. I would often get Michael to play in the sprinkler so I wouldn't feel bad about using so much water. He looks ready to go in the first one!

First day back to school (daycare) once Mami started back at work.

Not sure why he has an oversize shirt on, but the little flashlight was a lot of fun!

Galveston for Labor Day (SUPER windy the first day!)

Family pic.

Lots of great videos!

Spidey shooting his webbing

Climbing at the park playground

Air mattress games!

Standing in the rain

Sunglasses inside

Climbing up Daddy

Bubbles with Mami

Collecting shells with GiGi in Galveston

Cooking with GiGi in Galveston

Batting practice

Taking out the trash


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