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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Been a Long Time

So it's been two and a half months since our last post. We've taken over 50 videos and nearly 250 pictures in that time. I'll share some now and try to get to some of the other ones later.

For a few weeks, Michael was holding his wrists out as if he were Spider Man shooting web. We have no idea where he got this from, but we had to capture it.

He had a great time at the Little Gym for Hannah's birthday. He's been going there once a week for a long time, and he always loves it.

First time eating spaghetti & meatsauce

This toy has grown with him. He went from us pushing him on it, to him walking with it, to riding it and then standing (and dancing) on it.

How cool is Michael

He loves to have everything in order his way.

He loves dogs... maybe he'll get one down the road

A rare occurrence of Michael occupying himself at home

Great pic with Alfonsito

Getting dressed with Daddy in the morning


Children's Museum

Picnic with Mami

Video of Michael standing on his Dinosaur walker

Video of Michael getting into a Little Tikes vehicle

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