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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Easter 2011

Alternating years as we always do, 2011 had us spending Easter in Zapata. We were able to leave early Friday and have a very nice weekend. Michael enjoyed seeing some dogs and learned how to call them. For the next week at home he went to our back window, looked out and tried to call any dogs, but alas none would come at our home.

The highlight was Michael riding a horse for the first time. First he practiced indoors. Then he got his first ride with Abuelito, and afterwards with Mami.

He doesn't like to nap much in rooms other than his or daycare's, so whenever we get in the car on trips, he's out in no time.

Here are some pics from Easter Sunday

And here's a funny video from a month ago of Michael finding himself quite hilarious.

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  1. The video of Michael laughing is one of the cutest one's I've seen of him. It's up there with the one where he dances. He's too cute!