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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Dancing Miguelito

Michael and I got to play hooky from daycare and work today. After he woke up from his morning nap, he stood up in his crib and seemed so happy. So I turned on his mobile (which we rarely use now) to see if he'd like to see it up close and if he'd dance to it. He dances all the time now -- to music on the tv or even if we just sing, whistle or clap for him.

This might be my favorite video yet: Miguelito Dancing

You'll see in the video that he waves now. He also likes to clap, and he can keep a beat fairly well.

Children's Museum


Mami preparing foods while Miguelito supervises

He never gets tired of water bottles

He can feed himself cereal O's now. He even fed me some today! How nice of him.

As well as teething biscuits


  1. I absolutely love the pics, but especially the video! He's such a good dancer!

  2. I was viewing the video again on YouTube and after it played saw that someone else posted a video with the same title "Dancing Miguelito". I find this amusing: