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Monday, November 15, 2010


It's been a month since our last blog. Our boy has definitely been growing up. He's crawling on his knees now instead of on his belly. He's gone through a couple spurts of teething when he's fussy all the time and didn't want to eat anything besides having his milk. We tried tylenol, orajel and teething tablets with minimal or short-lived success. We even bought a mesh feeding where he would theoretically bite into a mesh filled with bananas and it would feel good on his gums, but he didn't take to it at all. But lately he's been doing great.

He's tried some new foods including asparagus, white potatoes, mango, sweet potatoes, avocado, peaches and egg yolk. Amada has made most of them at home, blending up large portions of fresh fruit and vegetables and freezing them as ice cubes, but I did hard boil the eggs (I know; very hard-working father here).

Amada spent all day with Miguelito on her birthday, and here are some pictures from the park and our yard:

We also went to NASA this past weekend (in his Halloween costume -- see more pics below):

An active participant at ULA. Check out his poker face. He's staring someone down.

He loves water bottles and any plastic. Combine the two and see how giddy he is.

A picture of his 6-month pictures.

He still loves his hats!

Out for a stroll in the jogging stroller with Mommy. I can't believe this pose. Could he be any more relaxed?

Halloween pics! He got to wear his costume three different times so we feel he got its money's worth. I'm not sure he scared anybody, but he sure was cute.

Here are some video links:

Flying Scarecrow

Room Organization


We'll get up some other videos soon of him getting closer to walking and playing some games.

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