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Monday, February 21, 2011

Our boy can walk!

Miguelito has been standing and walking with assistance for months, but now he walks all on his own without any problems. It seems that every day he gets better at it, and he enjoys the freedom. Sometimes he'll be doing one thing, and then just get up and go somewhere else without any warning.

I discovered Windows Movie Maker, so I put this collection of videos together to capture his progress. He has come a long way in a year, and now he's going places.

It also turns out that our son is already bilingual!! When I picked him up from daycare today, one of the teachers told me that he said "thank you". I thought she meant he had signed thank you, as they are teaching him sign language. But the teacher said he actually said "thank you" while also giving the sign. I couldn't believe it!

But then when we got home, Amada and I tried to have him say "gracias". And sure enough, he repeated it twice and he was clearly saying gracias. And then during dinner I got him to repeat it a few more times. So he's saying a few words beyond Mama and Dada!

He's come such a long way, but hearing him say words was more shocking to me than his physical development. We really are proud of our boy :)

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