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Monday, August 23, 2010

Daycare and Crawling

Miguelito started going to daycare last week. He seems to have a really good time there and the "teachers" love him, but it wasn't easy on us. At least we can watch him via 2 web cams while he's there, and they're pretty good about keeping his same eating and sleeping schedules. But they do change his diaper about 3x as often as we do. Lookout diaper bill! He likes to watch all of the other kids crawling and walking around him.

And just two days after starting daycare, he began crawling! He's not fully on all fours quite yet, but he sure can get from point A to B quickly when he wants to. We try to entice him to crawl with his toys, but the things that really make him go: laptop wires, papers laying around, any sort of plastic and tv items. Check out the video of his first day crawling.

Here's another picture of him enjoying his food.

A fun day at home:

Finally, a video of him laughing while eating.

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