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Monday, June 7, 2010

Mama's Birthday

Miguelito has been a very busy boy this past week. Last Friday we went to spend some time with Charles at his work since he had a Family Fun Day followed by going with me to school so I could clean up my classroom and he went with me to Pilates.
Then, Charles and I decided we would go to Zapata to celebrate my grandmother's 99th birthday....I know, 99! I can't believe it and she looks so wonderful. She was carrying Miguelito and bouncing him up and down without problems. This was amazing to both Charles and me because she seems to be strong :) You can see the pictures below. Oh, and Charles gave him a mini-lesson on driving.
This morning Charles noticed that Miguelito is starting to roll over without much assistance. I also noticed that when I put him on his playmat, he went straight for the toy, which he had not done before. We're so excited of how much he's grown.

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